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Your Recipes

I strongly believe that I will be able to help anyone make the perfect curry, from beginners to experts. I have written a book with some of my favourite recipes which I am going to share on this website.

Here I will detail what varied and interesting ways I have used our delicious curry powder, and what you have written in to show off ! We have already received some very impressive and creative ideas, resulting in some delicious mouthwatering dishes.

We would also love to hear from you to let us know what you think ...

Ragini Recipe - Fish Curry with Aubergine

Fish Curry with Aubergine - Download (PDF)

Ragini Recipe - Cheeky Ragini's !

Equipment Needed : Karahi
Recreate the "Cheeky Nandos" at home with your mates ...

Cheeky Ragini's - Download (PDF)

Ragini Recipe - Butter Bean Curry

Delicious vegetarian curry ...

Butter Bean Curry - Download (PDF)

Ragini Recipe - Chicken Curry

Equipment Needed : Karahi
A Karahi is a large pot, usually Cast Iron, but a Wok or large pan can be used just as well ...

Cari Poule - Download (PDF)

My Recipe (Pete from West Sussex)

Pete cooking his recipe

Hi Teggie, I thought I would write in to let you and others know what we did.

  • Chopped onions, crushed garlic
  • Tinned chopped tomatoes
  • Water, some milk, a little coconut milk
  • Didn't want to add too much - your powder does it all already!
  • Added powder, brought to boil
  • Chopped and added chicken and left to simmer/slow cook
  • Served 5 - One packet I feel could do two meals we found :)
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