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Hi, here I will let you know about our customers and the partners we work with, and of course publish your lovely feedback !

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" Gorgeous ! "

" Wow. I received my order in break speed time. The packets arrived safely in professional beautiful packaging which hightened our excitement ... aroma on that first opening of the packet was so good. Going to cook tonight ! We will let you know what happens. Thankyou. "

" Sauce first ? "

" Well I never tried that before - I always put sauce in the Wok after I have cooked the meat, but on your advice (Thanks by the way) I mixed up your amazing curry powder and heated that first, and then added the other ingredients. Loved it ! "

JB, from London

" Ragini's is the perfect blend of aromatic spices. It's versatile so can be used in everyday cooking. I used it to make a marinade for tuna steaks, I just added lemon juice, garlic and black pepper very tasty. I definitely recommend Ragini's :) "

" Let's talk ! "

Please by all means, let us know your thoughts by calling us 01322 387765.

Or email us at currypowder@ragini.co.uk

Kim Matthews, Landlady Pier Hotel

Tim and Teggie asked me to help out with their product testing. Ragini’s recipe for Cari Poule was easy to follow and made a lovely curry which I served to regulars at The Pier Hotel, Greenhithe. The customers loved it and I will be serving Ragini’s Cari Poule in my restaurant.

Kim Matthews, Landlady Pier Hotel, 6, High Street Greenhithe, DA9 9NN

Visen Anenden, Chef Proprietor of The Duchy Arms,

Visen Anenden, with experience from Le Gavroche under Michel Roux Junior; from the kitchen of Anthony Worall Thompson, and, for the past part of a decade; as Head Chef to HRH The Prince of Wales said “I was really pleased with the quality of Ragini’s Curry Powder. I use the curry powder in our Masala Eggs with Chilli Jam and Buttermilk. The Curry Powder is extremely good it has a lovely aroma; with an even balance of spice and heat. I will certainly be using Raginis curry powder at the Duchy Arms.

Visen Anenden, Chef Proprietor of The Duchy Arms, Kennington London, SE11

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