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The beautiful Mauritius

Mauritius the land of the DODO !

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is 1782 miles from Durban on the east coast of South African and 2500 miles to the North East is Kerala on the southern tip of India. If you leave Mauritius travelling due East then your next landfall will be Western Australia after around 3600 miles. Due South is the Southern Ocean and then Antarctica.

Mauritius is in the Southern Hemisphere and the seasons are reversed compared to those we have in the UK. High summer is in January where the temperature can be around 32 centigrade and in the June and July mid winter it can be as low as 22 centigrade. Some people put a cardigan on and the less hardy ones put a light coat on.

Originally discovered by Arab Seaman in 975 AD they named the Island Dinarobin, meaning Silver Island. The first Europeans to find the island were the Dutch seaman travelling to the Dutch East Indies in 1598. The Dutch established a colony in 1638 which lasted until 1658. The French East Indies company claimed the island in 1715 and named it Ile de France. They later sold the island to the French Government. During the Napoleonic Wars, Ile De France was a base for French attacks on British fleets sailing from India back to Britain. The Royal Navy suffered its worst defeat during the entire Napoleonic Wars attempting to capture Ile De France. The Royal Navy regrouped and gathered a fleet in South Africa. A surprise attack was mounted and Ile de France was captured by the British in 1810. As part of the Treaty of Paris, the Island became a colony of the British Empire. In March 1968 Mauritius gained Independence and is now a member of the Commonwealth.

Since independence, Mauritius has been a stable democracy with all adults able to vote and it has a strong and growing economy.

Whilst Mauritius was a colony of the British Empire, many thousands of labourers came from other parts of the empire to work in agriculture. This has left a legacy of many different cultures throughout the island – the main ones being India, Southern Africa (Creole) and South Eastern China. French cuisine also retained its influences.

Ragini’s Mauritian Curry Powder reflects all of those and complements all of those cuisines and is the flavour of Mauritius in one pack.

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